Custom Designs

Unsure of how to start the custom design process? Come to us with an idea and we can make your design a palpable piece of jewelry that is talked about and enjoyed for generations.

Just about any jeweler will offer custom design; however, not all jewelers tirelessly monitor the process as precisely as we do. With The Debs Difference, we focus on the minute details of your custom design, allowing revisions while in the rendered or wax model stages, and will work directly with you to guarantee that you are completely happy with the design. Our artisans are arguably among the very best that Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row District has to offer and we are up to the challenge of making a memorable work of art especially for you.

Please allow three to four weeks for completion to ensure your satisfaction. Feel free to email or show us in-person your favorite Pinterest pins, screenshots, or other images.

The images below are just a sampling of the many custom jewelry items that we’ve made for our customers.

WilkinMensDiaWRFront34 WileySandDERFront WeinsteinDiaERFront TanakaDiaWRFront SocciDiaERProf SeokERFront PockersTsavDiaNeckClose OvalYGHaloER MunschERTop34 D-4188Top34 ChaddMensGemDiaBraceFront AkelewiczDiaPendTop AhernDiaERTop34 3LPXG00031